Friday, May 30, 2008


After returning to the States, the crew and I found ourselves dearly missing Italy….surprise, surprise. Our first “continental” breakfast at a Best Western was enough to make me want to turn right around and live happily as a bum on the streets of Finale….begging for pesto pasta and the occasional gelato. By comparison the fat, unhealthy American lifestyle is so nauseating.
Anyway, I was fortunate enough to have won a night for two at Mulberry Gap, the very best B&B in the South. Dejay accompanied me to Elijay, GA, where we were taken exquisite care of for two days, and given the chance to ride some pretty sweet singletrack. Anyone looking for an amazing place to ride, train, eat, rest, and hot tub MUST check out These ladies are downright amazing.
We then made our way to Heritage Park, GA, for a XC race on Sunday. I’m not gonna lie, after the 24 h race in Italy, and travel back to the States, my body was hurting. I looked at the SERC race as a chance to see how much damage I had done during the Solo effort two weeks previous. As it turns out, I was hurting, but not badly enough to miss the podium. I pulled off a 4th place finish…not my strongest race ever, but not terrible considering my state.
Now on to Ohio and the Mohican 100!

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