Saturday, June 28, 2008


What an insanely, insane day. I guess when it starts out with a fifth of Patron Silver by 9:35 in the morning, what can you expect??
Well, I didn't expect half of what happened. And truthfully, I have holed up in a small hotel room, hoping that if I am quiet enough, maybe my day will go by and not notice I stopped here. Wish I had my camera cable with me.... would love to show the pic of the gas hose completely disconnected from the pump.
...and to tell the story of the silly sillyness ensuing at said gas station. Let me just say (and leave it at this for tonight), it took 28 minutes to buy gas from Sharon G. at Mapgo Mart on Fourth Avenue in Chatanooga, TN. During said 28 minutes, one of the things I thought about was playing the lottery. Because I reasoned that with my current luck, I would either win, or inadvertently scratch a number card that was connected to a trigger sensor that would set off a bomb, and at least let me get the hell out of this crazy vortex of a gas station that I am stuck in.

On a mundane and probably boring race note, I have had the odd experience of a physical craving this week. A craving for more long rides, for endurance, for, oh, the Wilderness 101..... and since I have a free entry (1st SS last year), all I have to do is get up there (oh yeah, and back again, psha). It could be a cheaper weekend than racing a SERC series race.


B. Frye said...

I am assuming all of this took place after I saw you on the "gravel road"...Ha! Good luck today and have fun! Thanks for your message :)

Namrita O'Dea said...

hmm..sounds interesting! hope you kicked ass @ raccoon!