Monday, September 1, 2008

The Recent and SSWC09

I got back from NapaVille with a surprise couple of days to spare before busyness ensues. JUDY and I took the opportunity to explore some semi-local trails in the Damascus, VA area. Super sweet as it turns out…..

Yes, that is a stick someone placed in the middle of the log jump. I don't exactly get the logic there.

We headed out on Thursday afternoon, following 5 days of incessant torrential downpour. These floody rains have been the result of hurricane landing last week. JUDY and I chose a ridgeline ride that would mostly be undamaged by our riding and would have great drainage so we would spend more time on our bikes than off. One of the great things about JUDY is her true adventuresome spirit. We set off for the ride just after the rain re-started, and made our way up the first singletrack climb, laughing about the challenge of climbing wet roots and rocks in the rain. After an hour or so we met up with some local mountain biker dudes who directed us toward the “best loop” and we headed that way. I wasn’t sure if dudeslice was messing with me cause he also said his name was BJ. But as it turns out, BJ was true and we made it back in epic time to dip in the river before heading home. Rainforest ride:

SSWC was as blurry as it was dusty. I got to take home a couple of momentos:

Rachel Lloyd and Carl Decker got inked, and everybody else got wasted. In more ways than one. The race was HOT and climby. I was given plenty of beer to help me stay hydrated, and dollars to help offset spendy Napa (probably cause of my awesome costume- thanks Tanner ☺ ). The weekend was blurry. Highlights included checking out the Suicide Cliffs below the Golden Gate Bridge, catching up with friends old and new, bowling for Durango (the Decider Official), riding some very legal local singletrack, and drinking with the Surly guys. Plus I scored a new-in-the-box Fox fork for my decision to race in fishnets and a purple dress.

I’m willing to bet that SSWC09 will be EPIC. Those brothers are going to make Single Speed history. Be there.


cornfed said...

crotchless fishnets, mustn't forget the crotch. :-)


Wicki said...

Ah, yes, how could I neglect to mention that they were crotchless??? Thanks for reminding me about the best part :)