Monday, March 16, 2009

The Lottie Post

OK, so things have come to a head, so to speak, as they say.
Lottie, aka the "potcake" has been in my life for 2 years this coming June/July. She has been a ray of light and a roller coaster all at the same time. Sweet Lottie has the amazing ability to make you feel light and sugary all is adorable and hilariously full of idiosyncratic behaviors. About 5 minutes ago she walked into the room holding a tissue in her mouth and came to sit at my feet as I write about her. When we go on walks/hikes/bikes/runs and she is happy (almost always in those situations), her ears get floppy and bounce up and down as she runs, making me giggle all over. Lottie is also the best spooner I know and takes to being dressed up like a superstar....rocking out dresses and bike jerseys alike. Plus she is an attention mongrel. Loves it, takes it, gives it back, more and more and more. Awesomely and amazingly sweet.

Too bad the snorker doesn't get along with other girl dogs. What the heck, I say. She lived with my mother's female dog for a year with no problems......then suddenly one day......big, bad, ugly dog fights whenever they saw each other- to the point of rabid-looking, snarling, bloody-biting nastiness and people starting to get hurt breaking them apart. Plus, she'd had some bad incidents with going after neighbors and overdoing it 'protecting' our home.

Before coming to Arizona, I looked her in the dog-eye and said it out loud.... "this is it." In no uncertain terms, I decided that if Lottie couldn't adjust to being at our new (even if temporary) home in AZ, that she was going to have to be somewhere else......then a couple of weeks ago, the inevitable happened....she and the female dog who lives here started fighting. Crap.

I, not being a very good alpha, or even a very good dog mommy to begin with, have been in over my head with her from the beginning. I've been investing a ton of energy and trying to make it work for longer than is fair to her, myself and the other people in our life. Needless to say, however, I am heartbroken. I love this little teddy bear to pieces and my lip starts shaking as soon as I think about her ending up in "the system."

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