Thursday, April 23, 2009


Until I figure out how to imbed videos from the web:

I'm not speechless, I just don't think words do it justice



Guitar Ted said...

G-Ted Here.......

Thoughts on vid...

#1: Had I been able to do those things as a youth, I could have so gotten away from the cops!

#2: What a great excuse not to go to school!

#3: Certainly, the scars would have been spectacular. Who needs tatoos?

#4: Girls? What are those? Look, I gotta practice this 560 into a fakie off the tree transitioning into this rail. I haven't got time for all that...

Great stuff!

oh.....and it was super great meeting you at The Otter. One of my highlights, actually. :)

Jason Hilimire said...

Reminds me of one of my favorite quotes
"Amateurs do it till they get it right, Professionals do it till they can't get it wrong!""

Dude is amazing!

Billy said...

great post...ars bars beat ou by a day and the bloycott wins!!! Hi Guitar rock!!!

Billy said... wee at the otter....LIG!!!!