Monday, June 29, 2009

The Talk

Someone recently expressed interest in doing a 24 Hour solo effort and asked for tips. Besides NOT DOING IT!!, I would recommend having a good talk with yourself beforehand.... In it I would ask "how much do I hate myself?" and "how much introspective thinking do I need right now?" and "did I charge my iPod batteries?" I forgot to have this little talk with myself before Italy and remembered my mistake at 10 a.m. when I realized I was going to die. Fortunately, Dejay was there to a) remind me I wasn't going to die, b) bribe me with all sorts of goodies for getting back on my bike, and c) assure me that at least I wasn't in as bad shape as he was. :::

"Rebecca, you're killin it girl. You've got a 3-lap lead over the other girls
and it's getting so HOT out there that everyone's slowing way down. And look, someone punched me in the eye!"

"No, Dejay, I just saw the 2nd place girl out there hammering
and, oh yeah, I'm going to die."

"You just think you're going to die. You better keep that helmet on....and get back on your bike, or I'm stealing it and selling it to the Italians!"

"Maybe he's right......"

"Wicki, listen, you're a rockstar, your sponsors are counting on you, the eyes of all masochists in Europe are on you, and I'll buy you all the gelato you want if you win."

"I'd rather put a stick in my eye. But you are right,
and since that only happens once a decade,
I'll honor the occassion by defying death and riding another 4 laps."

Sound fun?? I can attest that it only gets better. So, if you're seriously considering a 24 solo and you need someone to talk you out of it- I'm still in the mood. I haven't managed to forget the pain of this one, and am still holding firm to my "I'll never, ever do one of those again" promise to myself. Except that I've already registered for Nationals in ticket to self-loathing and utter misery, best price, anyone, anyone??


dicky said...

Jake looks lonely.

Namrita O'Dea said...

That's awesome. See you in Moab :)

Billy Fehr said...


Torre said...

Hi Rebecca,

Saw you at the SSUSA race recently. I've been looking for locals competing at the Nats in Colorado, and saw your name. If you don't mind, please send your email address so I can get in touch. My race is the same time as yours.