Saturday, July 11, 2009

Ride For Reading

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Back in May, I had the good fortune to meet this fine fellow at a "bike" race in Fayetteville, TN. Matt, as we will call him, is the organizer of a wonderful non-profit called "Ride For Reading."
Their goal is to distribute books to children who do not have their own. In the neighborhoods they serve, the ratio of age-appropriate books to children is 1 to 300. Boy, that's not so good. Being a recent SLP graduate and general appreciator of children, my heart totally goes out to his cause, and I want to help.

Seeing as I don't plan on winning (or even coming close to winning) Single Speed Worlds in Durango this year, I'm going to use the race as one of those oh-so-annoying-fundraiser-type of events. Yes, I generally cringe when one of my friends or family members decides to do a "give me money because I am going to do something really fun" events, but here I am.....doing the thing I say I'll never do.....

I would like to raise $500.00 (five hundred) dollars to give to Ride For Reading in honor of me losing Single Speed Worlds on September 20th. At least I can salvage something from the future, painful, shaming event by donating my friends and family members money to a beautiful charity, and to help children somewhere read books about doing all the things they want to do, and creating dreams to fulfill.

If I had a real job, this is where I would say "I will match every dollar donated with a dollar of my own....." And if I were a real bike racer, this is where I would say "for every minute I have a gap over the competition, please agree to donate XX amount of dollars." Since I have nor am either of these things, I'll just ask really, really nicely, to please click the link below and donate $ to Ride For Reading in honor of my silly bike race.....and know that I believe in when I do get a job, I'll be happy to smile and click the link in your email when you do the same type of event. No grumbling allowed (at least none that anyone can hear).
OK, go.


oh, ps, I'm not putting a 'date to donate' by, because this encourages procrastination. If you have any inkling to help out, do it now, and feel good about yourself immediately. No point in putting off the glow that comes from being a good person. Thanks.

p.p.s- if you would like to just send good kids books in lieu of money, please use the following address:

1302 Plymouth Avenue, Nashville, TN 37216

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