Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Bird Rescue

Last evening, I was standing on our deck looking at one of the most amazing sunsets casting a yellow-beige hue that faded into a purple sky, where a full, double rainbow hung. Out of the rain drizzle, a small pigeon-like bird flew over to me and landed 2 feet from where I stood. I thought it odd that a bird would come so close, and moved in to see what was going on with the little guy. He didn't move, just looked me up and down, so I crept closer and closer until I noticed that he appeared to be missing his upper beak.

I moved into action, recalling my experiences with the parrots we rescued and had as pets a few years back. I grabbed a couple of towels and a cardboard box, captured the little injured fellow, and tried to figure out what to do with him. Feed him sugar water and super glue on a homemade beak? Let him go out into the wild and fulfill his destiny? Look for a wild animal rescue and play hero? I went with number three and started calling around and looking on the internet for the right place to take Mr. Pidggy.

I found Project Wildlife, and decided to let him spend the night with me. If he was still alive and willing, we would head there in the morning. When I went upstairs to get him this a.m., he had escaped from the box-bed and was hanging out on the floor making cooing noises. I toweled him, boxed him, and we jumped in the car before he could poo all over the carpet.

I showed up at Project Wildlife with this little box and they said they would be happy to take him (even though my dad insisted he was just a stupid pigeon). I look forward to an email describing whether or not he was rehabbed and released, or sent to the big sky in the sky. Good luck little dude.

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Billy Fehr said...

Thanks for the amazing story. Mr. Pidggy looks Tea Totally Cracked...as he should be for running into you and flying about sans upper tongue protection! What happens to bird without beak? Does it grow back, will he be okay? Do they install a TI or Crabon replacement? Perhpas Kevlar or Ceramic...Please do a follow up to Sr. C.O.'s status in the future. Smart people would love to know.

ps. this is your best post by far.