Thursday, July 24, 2008

BOARD, yes bored

It's a thing I truly wish I could be right now...... I won't begrudge the details of 6:30/7 a.m. to 10/11 p.m. school days. But I will gladly say it's the last time I'll have to do a summer of graduate school!!
And in one week, I'll be heading out to Wisconsin for Nationals (24 H). It should prove to be a great party with all the folks I feel normal around. Then it's an even bigger party at single speed worlds, with the rest of the folks I feel even more normal around. So, no more complaining out of me... I've got a bit of summer left to enjoy :)

If you happen to be one of those (dare I say 'lucky?') folks with extra time to kill, I will live the beautiful life vicariously through you...... and offer you these tidbits of brain fodder to fill your time.....
Al Gore's inspiring speech on taking steps to solve the climate crisis
(better with the volume up)

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