Saturday, July 5, 2008


Lately my favorite part of the week has been the farmer's market. There is something endearing about pedaling over, getting coffee and a pasty, and beginning the rounds.... Haggling, story telling, getting educated on finer things like garlic flavored goat cheese. It's just very..... relaxing. I've heard it called the "Saturday morning social club" recently...... I might agree. But you can't really resist having a great day when it starts out with boxes of produce, great coffee, and talks about varieties of lavender. (I know, I know, say I'm a geek)

In riding news, I have had the great fortune to stay home and train the past two weekends. Fortune? you say. Ahh, yes, I reply, it has been surprisingly wonderful. As much as I love racing, I have not realized how much the travel and stress have taken a toll on my overall health and happiness. I have had the last two weekends to SLEEP, eat well, train my little booty off, and still have time to do other things like take my dogs on hikes, ride our local trails, and relax. Next weekend I believe the rush starts again, but it has been a great experience to find how much faster I can be when I get enough R & R.

Yesterday's pm ride started out like this. Bummer, huh? Drew and I managed to keep the dark clouds on our right and evade the afternoon T-storm.

This little guy is not a turtle, but flying by on a bike makes it appear as such. Hmmm, wonder which rabbit hole we would have gone down had we taken a bite??

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gwadzilla said...

rabbit hole?

maybe just six feet under