Friday, July 4, 2008


This month marks the 1 year anniversary of a road trip across the country with Captain Jordan Moore, and also of a smaller event we like to refer to as "watertown." Watertown is one of those things that all kids get into. I think this time it was just the music that took it to the top. I really wish I had a shot of the doo doo who ended up with water in his car. I mean, water dries, yo.

Gondola ride in Telluride, CO. This post is only relevant to about 3 people, so I hope all three of them do see it. And I'm glad my mom doesn't read this blog, cause I think I tried to slide this trip past her radar.


Anonymous said...

Hey there Rebecca, Great to see you're keeping the blog going! You can check out my ride log here:

Scott and Abby said...

Ahh I miss you Rebecca! And Jordan! Never gonna forget that Pisgah camping trip that we jumped in the freezing cold creek :)

PS Guess who is gonna start a blog? (And happens to have gotten married!)