Friday, May 15, 2009

Fun Club Vol. 1

The weekend ahead promises to be a good setting for opening the annals of Fun Club... at Single Speed USA/SS Georgia State Championships in Athens, GA.

Fun Club is hanging out in Athens, recovering from traumas to bike and body, and awaiting the weekend.
Mud dreams continue to haunt me and I clearly have a small case of PTSD. I grab my brakes and cringe at mud puddles. I've broken out in an amazing rash of poison something-or-other, in some odd places. I can only figure that the oils seeped through my clothing when I tried to wipe my muddy paws clean.

Following the Fun at SSUSA, the traveling crew will head to Italy, to compete in the 24 Hours of Finale. Admittedly, I've begun mentally preparing for this solo effort. Oh wait, I bought some dried "chicken" noodle soup to take with me. I figure any preparation I make this year will put me at an advantage, seeing as last year I decided to do this race the day before.

If you really want a single speed...single speed you will make.
Wish luck. I'll keep posted if folks can follow along online and whatnot......


Anonymous said...

I am psyked to see you and the gang as we bike to the future:)

Wicki said...

Yipeee skippy :) :)
tomorrow we leave