Monday, May 18, 2009


FC landed in this field for the weekend events of Single Speed USA. The races went beautifully, and the event was super FuN. Not Slowhio Rob hosted the party, beginning with a short track on Saturday afternoon, followed 6 hours later by a nighttime Time Trial....Sunday morning brought the XC followed by the mini-kids-Barbie bike derby (the "decider" event). I felt surprisingly brisk for both Saturday events, thinking that my endurance (not my *pop*) would be my stronger suit this weekend. That may still have been true, but I didn't feel as terrible as I imagined I would after my marathon hike-a-bike/adventure race at DSG.

The *races* turned out Okay----I somehow pulled a win for each....and hilariously got my a*% handed to me during the Barbie bike derby. Shanna Powell and Kylie Krause came out to represent Pisgah and the women's division. During the derby, Shanna threw a fiesty elbow my way and I ran into an orange cone, going OTB....ha ha.....wasn't able to pull it back and got punked. It turned out great---Shanna is the 09 Single Speed USA champ (complete with belt) and I won the best shwag of the year so far....a case of beer ;)
Dejay rocked out the SSUSA title for the men and also won the rights to put it on for 2010. Plan to be in Tucson for the event......combined with SSAZ, it will go off on February 6 2010 (note 2:1).

Chip Meeks (who did 5 laps at DSG last weekend), you should come, but please remember that gu shots leave terribly uneven tan lines if you leave them hanging out of your chamois.......

Still pulling remnants of last weekend out of my bike. This crank arm/chainring was set-up on my single speed.......which did all of *one* 11 mile lap (and probably was ridden for 2 miles, tops). Oh yeah, it was then taken to the car wash and pressure washed before being brought to the bike stand and completely taken apart. Nuff said.

Tomorrow the crew and I head off to Italy for a week. We spent today packing and prepping---- actually we spent most of the day drying out our belongings from the weekend rains. Apparently GA has about 180% humidity this time of year.....It might be an ongoing battle to keep the masonite on the ceiling....and the mildew from taking over everything else. Meanwhile, I'll be happily enjoying sites of the Medditeranean, gellato, vino, and the best pesto pasta you could imagine.....heaven....home away from the American Jar.


Danielle said...

Have fun in Italy. Eat some gelato for me please. Hazelnut, chocolate, vanilla...I like it all :-)

And good luck at the 24 hour race!!!

Namrita O'Dea said...

Sorry I missed your call. I've been in Colorado. Can't wait to hear about Italy!

EndlessBikeCo. said...

I didn't throw an elbow did I? I sure didn't mean to anyway.